How To Mod Wii

Published: 14th February 2011
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With so many benefits that a modding Nintendo Wii has to offer, it becomes very enticing for a Wii owner to modding they Wii. You can play backup games, homebrew games, games from a USB drive, play movies, play mp3, play emulators and even play YouTube videos after you modding the Wii consoles.

But you should educate yourself of all the possible idea out there that can modding your Wii. Before you spend your money on some software or some mod chip, you should learn the advantages and disadvantages of each method available to modding Wii.

All the latest techniques and the older ones will be discussed so you don't fall for any of the scams on the internet and make a wise decision if you plan on purchasing anything.

1. The mod chip is the oldest technique that can be used to modded Wii. Mod chips which can mod Wii to play back up games became available a few months after the Nintendo Wii was launched. The mod chips are still capable of modifying the latest version of Wii consoles, but unless you want to void your warranty and take the risk of damaging the hardware and bricking your Wii, it is highly recommended you don't go for mod chips.

2. V4 or higher of Nintendo Wii used to require a game called Zelda: Twilight Princess to unlock Wii. But today, it is possible to mod any version of Wii, without buying or renting any game. The software used to soft mod Wii exploited a glitch in the game to get inside the menu of Nintendo Wii to soft mod it. Although, this method is completely safe and doesn't void your warranty it is a bit tricky and requires a few tries before you can actually make it work. This method doesn't work on v4.0+ of Wii consoles.

3. The latest and the best method to mod Wii so far is by using software (softmod) to unlock Wii that doesn't require any game like Zelda or otherwise. This method works on all the versions from 3.0 to 4.2 or higher. You don't need any kind of hardware or any type of technical skills to do it. If you have the right guide and know exactly what to do, it doesn't take more than 5-10 minutes to mod Wii.

Modifying your Wii consoles isn't something that requires a detailed research and testing all different software and methods available on the internet. The more different advice you get, the more confused you will be. Even I spent at least 15 hours trying to figure out things on my own, and the result was that I was left with nothing but the same machine that I started with. Luckily I knew better to use a mod chip; otherwise I would have surely voided my warranty.

You shouldn't spend more than 15 minutes on such a trivial task. The time you spend searching for a way to easily modding your Wii could have been used to have some quality video game time with your friends and family. A good guide can tell you step by step on what to do exactly to modding your Wii. You also can do a search for the guide on How to mod Wii in search engine.

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